I have to admit. I am like most girls and young women and I idolize Beyonce. I know that I cannot look exactly like her because there is only one Beyonce. But, I use her shape and style to motivate myself to workout and eat right. I have read in articles about her that she is predisposition for a bigger body from her family genes and she has to work twice as hard in the gym and dance hall to fight that. According to SELF Magazine, she runs six miles a day and does weight training for thirty minutes after. Then, she dances for an average three hours a day for shows. I clearly cannot do all that activity because I would pass out! LOL. But it is comforting to know that even she has struggles staying thin. I admire her drive and dedication. I figure, if she can go through all that on a everyday basis, the least I can do is get a good cardio and strength workout for at least 45 minutes a day and watch what I eat. I know I will not be the same size as her, but DAMMIT I will roc those outfits she wears no matter what people think. I look good!


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