How to Get a Great Weave!

Posted on: September 7, 2011

Ok, I said in a previous post that I would write about how to maintain a full head of weave, so here are my tips. If you stick with these, your weave will look great every day, your scalp and roots will be protected, and your natural hair will grow.

1- Pick good quality hair. No synthetic here.

So many women want weave so bad, but they don’t want to spend the money on the quality hair. No high quality hair can be bought for less than $20 a pack. I recommend purchasing cuticle human hair. Cuticle human hair is not machine made human hair, but it actually grew from someone’s head! Do worry, they have been thoroughly cleaned before packaged and sold. If you
want to, which I do think is a good idea, wash and dry the hair after you buy it and before applying. Some packs of hair say its human hair, but sells for $10 a pack. This is not true human hair, but machine made. Won’t last the longest. Synthetic hair is just a no no. They melt with any heat. If you want to find fine quality hair for decent prices, visit His and Her Hair ( and Hair Sisters (

2- Make sure you get a licensed professional to apply the extensions. No kitchen stylists.

Make sure whoever puts in your weave is a licensed professional with years of experience doing weaves. Do not cheap out on this. An inexperienced stylist might braid your hair too tight causing your hair to break off and fall out at the base from the weight of the extensions, which will lead to bald spots. Also, make sure the stylist braids your natural hair in a circular, honeycomb type around your hair. Some people say cornrows straight back are fine, but I disagree. You cannot sew in the wefts properly, and when trying to take it out, an inexperienced person may not be able to follow the thread and will just conclude to cut anything and everything, leaving you with less hair than you started with. Trust me, this has happened to me and it scared me for life. I had to catch a case in that salon. LOL

3- Choose sewn in or fusion process instead of glue.

Sewn in is the best process I found for African American hair. Fusion works well with fairer hair types. Sewn in process is where your stylists braids your natural hair around your head starting at the crown, or base, of your head and braiding around and in a circle. After this is done, the weft of hair is then sewn onto the braids. You can use a mesh braiding net on your head to further protect your hair from breakage.

Note: If you have shorter hair, have your stylist add human braiding hair, human hair with no weft, into your braids to protect your hair and to make your braids thicker and last longer.

Sewn in weaves can last up to three months.

Fusion is a process where you take a group of your natural hair strands and a group of extension strands and fuse them together using an adhesive substance. This process is good for Caucasian and Asian hair. Do not use if you have any type of damage to your natural hair or baldness. Your hair must be at least six inches long. This can last up to three months, less if you brush your hair too much or too hard pulling out the extensions.  

Glue process of applying weave is the most used by kitchen stylists. They apply glue directly to your hair or scalp, and then apply the hair weft. This process doesn’t last very long, plus it is the most damaging. The hair can be ripped out, taking your hair and part of your scalp with it. Also, they can fall out very easily. I cannot tell you how many times I have found wefts of hair on a dance floor at a club. Tacky!

4- Keep washing and conditioning your hair as usual.

Many black women run by this rule of thought, if you have braids in your hair, do not wash your hair. Wrong! Not continuing to wash your hair can cause bacteria to grow in your scalp that can damage the roots and stop your hair from growing at all. You do not necessarily need to go to your stylists to wash your weave. When I had a full head of weave, I washed and dried my hair at home. Here is what you need:

a- Deep Cleansing shampoo

b- Moisture rich conditioner (Treseme Moisture Rich works

c- Bonnet home hair dryer

Wash your hair by wetting your whole head including braids. Apply shampoo and clean the weave. Then take some shampoo, and lift up each layer of hair and shampoo your scalp. When you go to rinse, make sure you part every section of your hair to get the shampoo out of your braids. Do the same process again and then with the conditioner.

Towel dry your hair. Heat up your Bonnet Hair Dryer. Using hair clips, I recommend heat protected plastic, part your hair by the rows so each row of braids are exposed. Then sit under your hair dryer. Dry until braids have no moisture.

5- Moisturize your weave with the proper oil.

You must oil your weave. This is because the hair is dead and does not produce natural oils. If you do not, your weave will become dry and ratted. The best oil I can recommend is IC Fantasia Aloe Enriched Hair Polisher for colour treated
hair Serum.  You can find it in any drug store for no more than $6.

6- For a more natural look, leave your natural hair out on the hair line.

If you choose to use a partial lace front or not, it’s your choice. If you do or don’t, make sure you leave the front of your hair around
your face out and blend into the weave. This will create the appearance that you grew this hair. If you have kinky hair, and the weave is straight, make sure you relax the hair left out. If your weave is light brown, and you have black hair, dye your hair to match the weave.

Follow this same idea if you have a middle part in your hair. You must conceal the wefts. If you do not want to relax the top of your
head for the part, you can use a hair piece that is specially made to be placed at the top of your head to give you a natural looking part. You can find this at His and Her Hair. (Mentioned previously)

If you choose to have a weave, make sure you save up and do your homework. The goal of a weave is to give you a new look, but without it being noticeable. You must protect your natural hair as well. If you follow these tips, you will have the perfect weave!


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