Workout without sacrificing that hair! Tips for great healthy hair.

Posted on: August 3, 2011

Summertime is a great time to get out and be more active. Running outside is way better than on a treadmill. You get to swim more, rock climb, tons of things to do. Plus, everyone bumps up their routine to fit into their tinny winy bikinis. But all this sweating and such can have a damaging effect on our hair. We lose elasticity, hair breaks off, split ends, dry brittle hair, and in worst cases, some blondes turn green.

I am going to give you my tips on gaining perfect healthy hair that will survive your summer regimen. This includes you Black women. No more excuses on not exercising because of your hair.

1- Protecting hair from chlorine and beach water.

Swimming in the summer is great, but can be havoc on your follicles. Swimming without any hair protection is ok every once and awhile, but continually doing so will dry out your hair and cause serious breakage. Excessive salt and chlorine are the worst on hair. Here is what you can do. Apply a deep moisturizing conditioner to dry hair before entering the water. Tresemme’s Moisture Rich works great. Evenly incorporate it. Comb the product through your hair with a wide tooth comb. Be generous with the conditioner, it will only help. Then I recommend putting on a swim cap. It’s not the cutest, but if you plan on swimming laps, it keeps your hair out of your eyes and offer additional protection from the water. Latex swim caps are the best. Once you get out of the water, immediately rinse off. As you do, you will find your hair feels silky and smooth.

2- Replenish hair that has been in chlorine or salt water

Ok. You didn’t protect your hair like suggested and you went in anyway. Now your hair feels horrible and some is breaking off. Told you not to, but anyway. First you want to find a shampoo that resets the pH balance in your hair. Joico moisture recovery and Kpak lines are great for rebalancing your hair and replenishing moisture. Philosophy works well also. Then, you want to deep condition. Any deep conditioner will really do, make sure it says “for damaged hair” on it to be the most effective. Apply in the shower, place on a shower cap, and leave on for five minutes. The steam of the shower will create heat and open the cuticle to let in the conditioner. If you are not in a shower, heat up a wet towel in a microwave, carefully, then wrap around your head.

3 -Everyday Maintenance

Use pH balance shampoos if you are an active person. It helps remove the salt from your sweat out of your hair. Wash hair once, do not rinse and repeat if you wash your hair every day. Your hair is not that dirty, plus you do not want to strip all your hair’s natural oils. Don’t forget to moisturize with a great conditioner.

 4- Apply less heat

Instead of blowing drying your hair on high heat, use the low setting. It may take a few minutes longer but it’s the closest to air
drying. You are trying to get your hair dry, not straight. So many women try to straighten their hair with the blow dryer then with a straightener. All this heat is killing your hair. If you use the low setting, you will save your hair the stress and then you can use a straightener. I suggest you buy one that allows you to adjust the temperature setting. If you have coarse hair, use a high temp, if you have light or chemically treated hair, use a lower temp.

5- Black women, when working out, wrap your hair or pull it back in a ponytail. Including weaves!

Some women I see do this at the gym, but more I see have their hair all out and them walk on a treadmill at 2.0 speed hoping and praying not to sweat. If you wrap your hair prior to your work out, you will prevent your roots from puffing up like crazy later. The trick, do not unwrap your hair. You must let it dry like that. Including if you have your hair pulled back in a pony tail. This is why I would recommend evening workouts so you don’t have to worry about messing up your hair before heading to the office. Also, wrapping saves you from apply to much heat on your hair too often.

6- Black women, do not oil your hair to death!

So many of us have grown up having our mother and grandmother’s slathering  pink lotion on our hair, slicking it down so it doesn’t move. Why do we still do it? Maybe because so many of our stylists were raised the same way and insist that we continue to do so? Or is it just a bad habit? Yes it is true that our hair is drier than other races and does not produce as much natural oil. But out hair DOES produce oil. We are not looking for shine here, key word is luster. Luster happens when your hair has been moisturized from the inside out. You must use better products. Put down the Pantene and Motions, these products are not good for us. Instead, try Philosophy, Joico, or Carol’s Daughters. These lines specialize in relaxed hair and restore moisture and mend breakage. Keep words: “Moisture Recovery” “Replenish” “Moisture Rich”

I hope these tips help. Check my blog later for tips on having the best weave and fun and easy hair styles.


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