What to order at the bar : Reference Sheet

Posted on: June 14, 2011

Here are a few go to drinks to order when your out and about this summer. No recipie needed to show the bartender.  Write these down and keep in your wallet for easy reminder.


Bethenny’s Skinny Girl Margarita                                       100 calories for 4 oz

Mojito                                                                                                  with splenda 150 calories with regular 200

Mike’s Light Hard Lemonade                                                   100 calories

Brut Champagne                                                                             90-100 calories (Any name is ok)

Michelob 64 lemonade                                                                 64 calories as you can see

Glass of white wine                                                                        120 calories

Vodka Martini                                                                                  160 calories

Mimosa                                                                                                 75 calories
Cosmo   (Cosmo range from 170 to 200 depending on how they make it. I recommend 2 oz vodka, 1 oz triple sec, lime juice, splash of cranberry)


If you want to make your own drink, please reminber this little note:

  • 80-proof vodka (40% alcohol; the most common
    type) has 64 calories per 1oz
  • 86-proof vodka (43% alcohol) has 70
    calories/1 oz
  • 90-proof vodka (45% alcohol) has 73
    calories/1 oz
  • 100-proof vodka (50% alcohol) has 82
    calories/1 oz





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