Summer Clothes: Friend or Foe

Posted on: June 12, 2011

Yesterday, I headed to the mall to do some shopping for summertime essentials. You know, tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, and cropped pants. I’m a total girl and love to shop, but sometimes it can be a bit daunting. I hate trying on bottoms and they don’t fit around my thighs and butt, or they do and too big in the waist. I start to feel my self esteem take a dive, and I quickly pulled myself out of it. A year ago, I would have let this total experience get me down and depressed sending me into a total tail spin and diving back into my old bad habits with my eating disorder. Feeling than I am less than then my smaller counterparts.

Another thing I have learned, the sizes in each store are different. You may be a size 12 in a store such as Forever 21, but a 10 in Express. One store that I caution every young woman to watch out for in shopping is Papaya. Yes they have very affordable clothes. They are attractive, but not made of the highest quality materials, but they couldn’t to be priced that low. My cousin is a size 5. She is very skinny with long legs. In this store, the clothes that will fit her are size 9s. This just seems really wrong. She doesn’t care either way, but a girl like me when I was a teen would be instantly think she needs to lose 10 pounds because she must have gotten bigger.

The difference this time, I knew how much hard work I was putting into my body. Keeping a food diary as my nutritionist recommended to help me stick to my calorie count and nutritional intake. I have been eating more veggies than I can remember. I have been working out regularly and I am proud to say I can know run six miles without stopping to walk at my weight of 172 than I was at my smallest of 155. I can pound out 12 guy style push-ups. That I use to never be able to do. Plus, I have been getting some many compliments on my booty lately I can’t help but feel good. Ladies, take my advice, if you want a little more junk in that trunk, make sure to add as many lunges and squats to your workout as you can. Even the modified version of the exercises gives you the same effect. (Extra bonus, stronger quad muscles in your legs helps protect your knees from injury.)
I still keep track of my body measurements and weight daily, but no longer will I allow the number on the clothes to let me know if I look good or not. I am all about the S-T-Y-L-E.


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